I work with corporations and governents in Canada, the US, Europe, the MIddle East, and Africa on:

  • Strategy development and implementation
  • Strategic planning (with Boards and senior management teams)
  • Business model innovation
  • Corporate education design
  • Building organizational resilience
  • Competitor analysis
  • Environmental foresight and scenario planning

Hire me when you need someone to run a difficult strategic planning process. Or when your board and senior management are diverging, rather than converging, on strategic direction – and feel that a meeting of the minds is vital. Or if you think you're on the right track, and just want to doublecheck.

Hire me if you need a keynote speaker who can deliver a current, serious, and fact-based story about business in a way that is memorable, quotable, and actionable by the audience.

Hire me if you think your business model is old and needs rejuvenating. If you feel this way, you're probably right – it is. 

Hire me if you don't really have a clear perspective on where the holes are in your market space. If you know competitors only by what you see at trade shows, I can show you better ways to understand the full depth of competitive challenge you might be facing. 

Hire me if you want to understand how to remain (or become) relevant to the future. I will do the research and ask the questions that will help you allocate resources such that, in five years' time, you're still here – and are better off.

Hire me if you want to develop the next layer of succession within your company – or at least challenge the assumptions of those you believe to be fit to lead. I'm an educator first – and understand how companies use education to build social capital as well as share the latest ideas about doing better. 

Hire me if you think you could be doing better, but are not sure whether you're right, or what to do first. We can have a candid talk. At worst, we part friends and you get a better night's sleep. 

I'm also an associate at, working with an amazing team on corporate branding and strategy. Hire me/us if you have a big project involving branding and strategy – because I know my limits and can't do everything. But I'm fortunate to be working with a group who can do everything that is relevant to any future you can imagine.

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