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Resilience begins with “We”

50 best managed Douglas Reid 2012 View more presentations from Douglas Reid I spoke at the last 50 Best Managed companies conference.  My topic was employee engagement. Normally, I avoid topics like this – I'm a strategist, and hence am usually more interested in competitive dynamics, building competence, and business model innovation. But all of […]

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Sunday Strategies – SuperBowl Sunday edition

Today might be one of the bigger days in sports, but the results will soon become a statistic.  The right idea can change a company, a life, a future, and have enduring effect so much so that it becomes part of the cognitive wallpaper surrounding a community. Perhaps one of those ideas is here.  I […]

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Profitability as a Policy Problem


    I thought that I had come up with a radical idea (for me, anyway) but discovered subsequently that I had merely rediscovered fire.  Actually, I found that my little idea's intellectual genesis lay in an obscure political philosophy called ordoliberalism. So while I can't claim discovery of a new idea, I can at […]

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All Significance is Local: Meet the NSE


  Recently, the Economist published a series of excellent articles on the growth, variety, and shortcomings of state-owned enterprises (SOEs). Given the source, it's no surprise that the critiques played strongly on the idea that government preferences and policies skewed the direction of the animal spirits behind capitalism and yielded a suboptimal result.  Feeling somewhat cognitively […]

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Where Next for Professional Service Firms?

Most professional service firms (accountants, management consultants, etc.) are happy captives of a very powerful idea articulated by management guru David Maister.  He claimed that an ideal positioning of a professional service firm (PSF) was as a "trusted advisor" to its clients. Today, that's table stakes, and in fact, has been for a long while. […]

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