Sunday Strategies – SuperBowl Sunday edition

Today might be one of the bigger days in sports, but the results will soon become a statistic. 

The right idea can change a company, a life, a future, and have enduring effect so much so that it becomes part of the cognitive wallpaper surrounding a community.

Perhaps one of those ideas is here.  I collect and curate ideas daily, and am happy to share them in the hope that they are useful to you. As always, your comments are encouraged and appreciated.

Economy: Greece is screwed and European politicians are in denial. Our banks were not meant to be like this – the last few decades have been an aberration from historical norms. Dr. Doom dishes in Davos on the letter of the alphabet that describes the shape of the pending recovery – I don't think U will like it and there are no "V for victory" moments expected soon. Yet another happy talk by the same fellow… Why models can be a source of economic trouble. 

Managing: Some companies are serious when they talk about "the long term". Fifteen CEOs offer advice on what matters most at work. What it would take to reinvent the retail experience. How to make employees happier – just give them a little control. The ten questions that create success. How strangers decide what we buy. But why our tastes don't spread to friends (from Carl Boutet). The global distribution of corruption. How to create money out of rocks. The unbelievable distribution of profits in the global mobile handset industry. Latest trend report (from Viviane Colpron). The cities that will matter in the future. 

Improving: How to make better decisions.  How we spot good ideas.  How to increase your willpower. And a single idea on that same subject. How to train your brain to focus. How to manage time more effectively. How to present data differently so that you can see and understand better. How to get more done. How a little overconfidence might be a good thing. How ignorance helps groups make better choices. How to spend wisely. How to improve your personal performance

Ideas: Thriving economies are complex economies – meaning that the ability to cooperate with lots of specialized others could be a driver of prosperity. The awesomeness of private equity, and why its critics are wrong. Why higher ed is about to be disrupted (and the sooner the better, IMO). This year's wars. The tweets of Africa (from Elliot Hughes). Why real leaders don't take bonuses. How the internet is affecting our brains. The real genius of Steve Jobs. Scientific ideas that you'll want to understand for 2012. Can we find a better way to measure prosperity? The future of YouTube

You must reidthis: The psychology of praise. Oldie but a goodie – of use to parents and managers alike. This one changed how I say thanks. 

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